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Inner Sydney Landlords: What to do when your tenant gives notice

It’s never fun when your tenant gives notice. But thankfully, inner-Sydney rentals are usually never on the market for long. This helpful guide will help you navigate the time between when your tenant gives notice and your new tenant moves in, and highlights exactly what you should ask your property manager to do during this transition. 

Discuss the following steps with your property manager

When your tenant gives notice, it’s up to your property manager to ensure a smooth transition between tenants. Follow up with your property manager to make sure they complete the steps below.

1. Thank them for being great tenants

Initially, ensure your property manager thanks them for being great tenants on your behalf (if relevant, of course). Making your tenants feel appreciated is beneficial for a couple of reasons. First, it opens the dialogue where your property manager can advise them of your other available properties, if applicable. Second, the tenant might recommend you and your inner-Sydney rental to friends and family.

2. Check tenants gave sufficient notice

The minimum notice period in NSW depends on your lease agreement and the reason they’re ending the tenancy. Visit the NSW Fair Trading website for more information, but generally, it’s between no notice and 21 days.

3. Ensure your tenant knows the next steps

Next, ask your property manager to call or visit your tenants so they understand their tenant rights and how they’ll successfully get their bond back. They should follow this visit/phone call with an email that confirms the discussed details, including:

  • Confirmed move-out date and when the tenants will return their keys.
  • Rent balance owed up to their move-out date.
  • Original condition report and details on the final inspection.
  • A moving-out cleaning checklist.

4. Perform a property inspection

Once your tenant has vacated your property and returned their keys, your property manager must inspect your rental. This inspection is to confirm the return of your tenant’s bond payment, so your property manager must ensure your rental is clean and secure and that there’s no damage. 

It’s essential you make sure your property manager can distinguish between fair wear and tear and actual damage, as you don’t want to deal with backlash from the tenant. Once again, visit the NSW Fair Trading website for examples so you’re confident in their decision. Ensure your property manager refers to the rental’s original condition report during their inspection too. 

5. Refreshing your inner Sydney rental between tenants

Here are a few projects we recommend completing in your inner Sydney rental between tenants:

  • Refresh your property’s interior paintwork or simply sugar soap walls.
  • Clean your carpets and windows or refresh your floorboards/tiles.
  • Check safety measures like sensor lights and security doors.
  • Update fittings, including window treatments, new hardware in the kitchen or bathroom, or updated lighting fixtures.
  • Check the bathroom and re-grout, if required.
  • Complete any minor repairs.
  • Change the battery in your smoke alarm and have it tested.

Fortunately, Vogue Property can help organise the above rental refreshments.

Can we help you manage your inner Sydney rental?

Get in touch if you’d like to work with a property manager who keeps you in the loop every step of the way. As an exclusive inner-Sydney property management agency, we’re experts at ensuring the tenancy transition is as smooth as possible.


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