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Strategies to lease your property to the right tenant

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The right tenants pay the rent on time and stay longer

Our definition of the right tenant is someone who has been thoroughly vetted, is in stable employment, has the salary to afford your rent, and is keen to live in the area where your property is located. How do we attract these tenants? It’s through professional marketing, presentation and price. To ensure your property is noticed, it needs to be marketed and shown (with quality photography) on as many sites as possible ‒ ideally, priority listed.

These sites include Domain, real, sometimes Facebook and even other sites like All Homes or 

The property must be well-maintained and presentable. We recommend that landlords take the opportunity to refresh rental properties between tenants, even if it’s just a coat of paint or new carpet. Both of these quick fixes are cost-effective and make an impact. 

To set the rental price, we analyse rentals in the area, ideally those that have been leased, so we can see time on market and rental outcome. We often pitch the rent for a property just below the market rent to encourage more enquiries. And, of course, we show every property by appointment to serious tenants, in addition to open houses. 

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