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Property investor lens on Camperdown 2050

Why Camperdown for property investment? The suburb has a high rental population, proximity to universities and hospitals, and promising yield.


Snug in Sydney’s Inner West, Camperdown is one promising suburb for property investors. It offers promising capital growth and yield and will never be short of renters, thanks to its proximity to the University of Sydney, the University of Technology, Notre Dame University and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA).

Camperdown’s history

Governor William Bligh, who became governor in 1806, was granted 240 acres in present-day Camperdown, naming his holding after resounding victory by British forces in the Battle of Camperdown just nine years earlier. 

A few more years into the 19th century, it was a residential and farming suburb. The University of Sydney was established in 1850 with many of its first buildings designed by the prominent colonial architect, Sir Edmund Blacket, including Blacket’s Great Hall and the infamous Quadrangle. Today, the university is still one of the suburb’s most prominent landmarks, alongside RPA and picturesque Victoria Park. 

Why choose Camperdown?

Camperdown is a suburb with loads of potential for property investors. Most (66%) of the population are young renters aged 20 to 39, including students, academics, hospital staff and young professionals. Now is actually the perfect time to invest here, as we expect an influx of both local and international students returning to university and looking for rentals in 2022. Predictions are that around 60,000 students will soon head back to Australia and Sydney is a primary location for them. Plus, there’s the opportunity to rent your property at an increased rate, resulting in good yield.

As a residential Inner West suburb, Camperdown is characterised by its leafy narrow laneways lined with single-storey workers’ cottages and Victorian terraces. But recently there’s been an increase in striking warehouse conversions and modern high-rise apartments.

People are primarily attracted to Camperdown’s central location. While it’s home to the University of Sydney, RPA and Victoria Park, it’s also within walking distance of Glebe, Chippendale, Annandale and Newtown. These popular student suburbs are brimming with theatres, restaurants, live music venues and shops.

Attractive Camperdown lifestyle

Camperdown’s attractiveness lies in its location. Given that it’s circled by Parramatta Road and the Princess Highway, it doesn’t take long to get where you need to go. Its neighbours include Newtown, with its mass of eateries and entertainment venues, and Glebe, home to the renowned Glebe Markets.

Camperdown’s main attractions lie around the University of Sydney, including the newish Chau Chak Wing Museum and The Ledge Climbing Centre. But it’s also known for its open green spaces, which many inner Sydney suburbs lack. This includes the 22-acre Victoria Park, with its open-air swimming pool, as well as Camperdown Memorial Rest Park, Camperdown Park and O’Dea Reserve.

Camperdown’s capital growth and yield

Over the past 12 months, median home prices in Camperdown have dramatically risen 14.38% to $1.75 million. The average weekly house rent is also $730, equating to a 2.17% yield.

Meanwhile, the median price for a one-bedroom unit in Camperdown is $743,000 and $1.1 million for a two-bedroom unit. The average weekly rent for a unit is $555, resulting in a 3.26% increase in yield.

Camperdown is certainly a suburb with prospects. This is reflected in capital gains of 13.46% over the past 12 months. Long-term, property investors have enjoyed capital growth of 14.01% over a five-year period. 

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