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Why investors should value property management experience

An experienced property manager helps protect landlord rights

I’m often asked if I’ve had to attend NCAT hearings. I have. If you aren’t familiar with NCAT, it is the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal for resolving disputes. Many property managers have never attended an NCAT hearing, they don’t know how the process works or what paperwork they need. At Vogue Property, we understand the process and we’re able to negotiate confidently on your behalf.

Property management experience through all cycles of the real estate rental market is also critical. A good property manager can rent your property in the worst market conditions, as they’ve done it before and know what works.

Disasters such as hail storms, fires or floods can create havoc unless your property manager has the information – and the trades and professional association contacts – at their disposal. In the worst-case scenario of a death of a tenant, your property manager needs to know instantly how to cope.

An experienced property manager protects your rights and saves you time and money. 

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Are you a landlord looking for advice? Do you have questions about these uncertain times? Changes to the rental market or anything specific to Property Management? Book a one-on-one, obligation-free, consultation with Jaime Pratt, Head of Property Management at Vogue Property Managers.

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Jaime Pratt
A Senior Property Manager and Director with 20+ years’ specialist experience, Jaime is an expert negotiator who consistently achieves outstanding results for her clients.