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Are you getting the most from your property manager?

A good property manager does much more than collect the rent

Property managers have come a long way from being rent collectors who attend to emergencies. Your property is a significant investment so you need assurance it’s being cared for and not falling into disrepair. Your property manager also has processes in place to protect your rights. It’s worth checking the following.

Are they conducting routine inspections? Inspections help property managers to get on top of minor issues before they become expensive issues. Plus, they help us to have a more personal relationship with your tenant. This leads to tenant loyalty, which is good for us and good for your bottom line.

Do they complete detailed ingoing and outgoing inspection reports? While these reports might never be needed, they protect landlords against legal action.

Are they up to date with legislation and technology? Your property manager should be fully aware of any legislative changes such whether or not landlords are obliged to rent to pet owners.

Can your property manager act for you when things go wrong? At Vogue Property, we have extensive experience in dealing with NCAT and insurance claims to protect your rights.

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