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5 ways to save energy this summer

The rising costs of living mean household budgets are tightening across the country. As temperatures soar this summer, we all look for ways to cool off in the most economical way possible without increasing the use of appliances that cool down our homes but hike up the energy bill. 

To avoid the bill shock, we are sharing a few tips you can do to reduce energy consumption and save on your next bill.

1. Fix gaps that are open to the elements

Whether winter or summer, areas that allow the outside air to enter your home should be identified. These are typically under doors and windows. Jaime Pratt, head of PM at VPM, says around 40% of indoor temperature escapes from windows. “It’s really worth considering investing in double glazing, which can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency with the added benefit of reducing sound,” she says.

Many hardware stores have solutions to seal up around windows and doors if you are renting, like draught stoppers. Thermal curtains can keep cool and hot temperatures at bay, and removing thicker rugs over hardwood floors can provide a cost-effective way to cool interiors.

2. Check the hot water

Hot water usage that isn’t monitored or leaks in an older system can contribute substantially to energy costs. You won’t need hotter showers in summer, so consider adjusting the temperature and using cold water to wash laundry. Ensuring you’re washing only full loads is key to reducing those energy outputs. 

3. Turn off appliances

No matter what time of year it is, Jaime explains that appliances in standby mode can still use energy. “Even your phone charger that is switched on at the wall and not in use is still generating power. So, if you’re not using the appliance or going away on holidays, make sure all your appliances are switched off at the wall and unplugged to reduce the energy consumption used by those appliances,” she advises.

4. Do a price comparison for your current energy plan

Many energy suppliers are now offering a broad range of plans. Matching apples with apples can be confusing! Jaime says to be proactive when it comes to value for money. “Check your current electricity and gas bills to make sure that you are getting the best deal, and, if not, negotiate with your current supplier to find a better solution or be prepared to change to another company,” she says.

5. Swap out your light globes

It’s time to make the switch if you haven’t already to light globes that are the most energy-efficient for the types of light fittings you have in your home. According to Jaime, the more energy-efficient bulbs use as much as 75% less electricity and have the added benefit of lasting longer, which means replacing less often.

Making a few small and simple changes in our living spaces and lifestyle habits can help to reduce those niggly energy bills and could even bring a smile to your face when you receive your next one. For more tips and advice, our expert team at Vogue Property are full of ideas to make this summer your most energy-efficient yet.