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Renting out a property is never a 'set and forget' project; for best results, you should have eyes and ears on the ground at all times. 

If you're overseas or far away from your property, you won't be able to check it or make repairs yourself, which makes a property management service an invaluable tool. 

Even if you are close by, having a professional with a large list of contacts can prove to be extremely useful, no matter what time of year it is. 

Year-round help

Property managers are available at any time to help you out, whether that's just to check that your tenants are looking after your home or to attend to one-off repairs. 

However, property managers have season-specific worth too, with a service for all times of the year. 


Autumn is an important time to check homes that have a garden, pool and any outdoor areas to get them ready for winter. 

If your investment is an apartment there are still often grounds that must be maintained by the buildings manager or strata and your property manager can ensure these are being done.

This is likely to include bringing in a pool cleaner (who might also drain the pool until spring), a gardener to fertilise or add lime to the lawn and someone to clean and store away outdoor furniture. 

It's also a good time to check that heating systems are working to make sure there are no hasty call-outs in the coming weeks or issues with mould, and that tenants stay comfortable and happy in your property. 


People spend a lot more time indoors in winter so it's a good time to check in with tenants about how the investment property is looking and what repairs need to be made. From draughty windows to leaking taps, now's a good time to get on top of maintenance. 

Other general checks like smoke alarms can also be done in winter, again making sure your tenants are safe and happy in their rental home.  


Spring cleaning extends to large parts of the home as well as the tenants' duties. 

As we come back into summer, it's time to check the air conditioning works and that all the filters are clean. Now's also a good time to clean out the exhaust fan filters on the stove. 

If you've put any outdoor furniture into storage in autumn, bring it back out and ensure that all of it is in good order. And, if the pool has been drained, filling that up again should also be done in spring. 

Giving the garden a tidy up ‒ pruning, weeding and thinking about a mowing service ‒ is also important as we come into a time of year when people start to spend more time outside. 


Although summer brings sunshine, it also brings rain storms, so making sure the gutters and downpipes are clean, and that the roof is in good order, will help protect your investment home from leaks. 

Another source of leaks is appliances. If the home is rented with appliances like a dishwasher and washing machine, get those hoses checked to make sure there are no slow leaks. Doing a tag-and-test run of the home's electronics is also a good idea. 

The change to hot weather also means more pests, so getting your property manager to organise a pest removal company to reduce the chance of cockroach or termite infestations, and also someone to make sure the fly screens are in good working order, is a smart thing to do at the start of summer. 

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Jaime Pratt
A Senior Property Manager and Director with 20+ years’ specialist experience, Jaime is an expert negotiator who consistently achieves outstanding results for her clients.