Tips & Solutions


A world of energy efficient appliances and strategies is here. We need to be more conscious than ever before of saving money and protecting the environment. Not just for ourselves and our own homes but for our tenants and investment properties.

Here are a few tips to help in the home:

1. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs

2. Insulate ceilings, walls and floors

3. Switch to Solar Hot Water Systems

4. Provide outside blinds or shutters to help cut down the need for cooling appliances

5. Change showerheads to water saver heads

6. Provide recycling options such as recycle bins, compost bins, etc

7. Update toilet system to dual flush (older homes)



Provide a list outlining different ways a tenant can reduce energy use within the home. There are some practical ideas that are easy to implement and low cost and in some cases, no cost (just little changes in the way we do things).


Some of these things will have an immediate impact on the wallet and environment.


Appeal to all prospective tenants. Small things like those listed could make the difference between tenants choosing your property over another. Let tenants know that you care.


Be sure to research relative government rebates available in your state or territory.


Jaime Pratt
A Senior Property Manager and Director with 20+ years’ specialist experience, Jaime is an expert negotiator who consistently achieves outstanding results for her clients.