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Property investor lens on Zetland 2017

With a high density of apartments and excellent transport links to the CBD, airport and coastline, Zetland is a great suburb for property investors.


Zetland was once a secret inner Sydney suburb. But today, with its ease of access to the CBD, airport and coastline, it’s one of the city’s most well-connected and modern suburbs. A part of the Green Square district, which is currently undergoing extensive gentrification, Zetland is primed for property investment.

Zetland history

Archaic spelling of Shetland, Zetland was named in honour of Thomas Dundas, the 2nd Earl of Zetland, who was a friend of Governor Sir Hercules Robinson. In the 1800s, Waterloo Wetlands and lagoon dominated the suburb’s landscape. The only remnant from this time that remains is Woolwash Park Pond, which is connected to an aquifer that still exists underground. The wetlands were drained in the 1900s to become Victoria Park Racecourse, which closed following World War II.

The land then became a motor vehicle assembly factory, a Naval depot and then redeveloped into high-density housing. Zetland has always been a largely industrial heartland. This began in the 1800s with wool washing and tanning and continues today, with several car yards, depots and businesses calling the suburb home. 

Zetland suburb review and lifestyle

Once upon a time, Zetland was a hidden gem, where artsy people from neighbouring suburbs like Newtown and Enmore headed when they realised they could afford small houses. These days, it’s a part of a massive urban renewal project encompassing Sydney’s Green Square district. One piece of this gentrification puzzle is Victoria Park, which is an extensive residential and retail development in Zetland.

While Zetland real estate does include a smattering of old Victorian worker cottages and terraces hidden on leafy suburban streets, it’s overwhelmingly a sea of apartments. Most are on the luxury end of the scale and spacious with balconies.

This is good news for property investors. The other positive is that 65% of the Zetland population are renters. In terms of demographics, 73% are also single people, attracted to the Zetland lifestyle and its proximity to everywhere and everything. On the suburb’s eastern edge is Green Square train station, with convenient links to the CBD and airport. There are also public buses that can take residents to either the CBD or Coogee Beach in 30 minutes. 

Zetland modernity is reflected in its East Village Shopping Centre. Modelled after New York City’s Chelsea Market, it’s home to supermarkets, restaurants and boutiques. Joynton Park also comes alive every Saturday when it hosts a weekly market, complete with live music. Stalls sell everything from jewellery to clothing and delicious food. The Zetland lifestyle is certainly an attractive package.

Property values and yields in Zetland

The median price for Zetland homes is currently $1.925 million and the average weekly rent is $850. This equates to a 2.3% increase in gross rental yield. 

Meanwhile, the median price for Zetland apartments is $870,000 and the average weekly rental income is $600. This translates to a 3.59% increase in yield. So far in 2021, 80 one-bedroom and 134 two-bedroom apartments have sold in Zetland.

Capital growth in Zetland

Property investors will be impressed by Zetland’s capital growth, which sits at 14.41% for the past year. This is a substantial increase, considering its average capital gain is 11.76% over the past five years. 

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